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VIP Chartered Tours

Our VIP Chartered Tours will take your group on a “behind the scene” journey on a private wind farm in our electric vehicle.

The journey begins with a forty-year step back in time to appreciate the optimism and anxiety of the early days of wind power in the San Gorgonio Pass. It then leaps to the present with beyond-the-barricades photo opportunities next to some of the large modern turbines on the wind farm. The tour then explores several experimental designs tested on our farm over the years and concludes with a survey of energy production, transmission, and storage in the surrounding area.

Guests can see and touch historical exhibits while learning about the successes and spectacular failures of the newborn wind industry. Not only will you be able to get up close to real operating wind turbines over 400 feet high, our expert guides will easily be able to describe the inner workings of wind turbines and how they contribute to our energy grid. From the novice tour participant to engineers-types, everyone will be able to leave the tour with a better understanding of how this renewable energy is fast becoming part of our energy solution.

How it Works

The tour begins with a video orientation that introduces the private wind farm and explains how and why wind energy works. Your tour guide will then provide an overview of the tour and answer any questions about wind energy. Guests then board a five-passenger covered electric cart for an unforgettable open-air experience on our 100-acre private wind farm.

Be sure to dress appropriately for the weather and wind, including closed-toe shoes and sunscreen on most days. If you wear a hat, be sure it has a strap to secure it from blowing away.

The tours are available between 10a-2p. The tours are NOT available Thursday or Sunday.

We request at least a 24 hour advanced notice, except on Wednesday.

Duration: 2 hours
Fees: $100 per person (up to 5 people of a household; $200 minimum)
Tour Guide: Professional wind energy expert

10% Gratuity will be applied to your final invoice.

Tour guests visit a modern wind turbine
a group of people observing modern wind turbines
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