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About Us

About Palm Springs Windmill Tours

In 1982, an installation of 8 small wind turbines with two blades were installed and the first wind farm in Southern California was established. By year’s end, that number grew to 212 turbines.

In 2014, we created the Palm Springs Windmill Tours, which now offers self-driving tours, guided golf cart tours, group and school tours to see and understand wind energy as well as renewable energy. The tour is curated by Tom Spiglanin, Director of Education, in which he will guide you along with an audio program and marked destination’s throughout the first commercial wind farm in the San Gorgonio Pass. The tour starts at the tour center with an introductory video and exhibits, then takes you on a journey of 10 marked stops starting with a display yard of non-operating wind turbines of successes and failures, along with a stop to a real generating wind turbine where you can get up close and take pictures. The tour continues through a solar farm and ends with a stop at the old gas plant. There you can exit on 19th Avenue to Indian Canyon Road more knowledgeable about renewable energy! The tour takes approximately one hour and half hours depending on your pace. The tour is available now with an APP download.

We now offer a complete book on the “Backstories of Palm Springs Windfarms” available on Amazon and in our gift shop at the tour center.

a windmill on top of a grass covered field