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Off-Road Bike Tour (BYOB)

Bring your own bike!

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Bike Tour Bring Your Own Bike

Windmill Bike Tours – Bring Your Own Bike (BYOB)

Our self-biking windmill tours are for ages 12+ and designed to be safe, fun, and educational for the entire family while practicing safe social distancing guidelines. 

  • Road bikes or mountain bikes are required for this tour due to gravel roads on the private wind farm.  Helmets are required.
  • The bike tours are designed to provide you the full tour as curated on video and audio. 
  • We recommend you wear a cell phone arm band for better agility during the tour.  
  • The tour is curated by Randy Buckmaster, Tour Manager, in which he will guide you along with an audio program and marked destination’s throughout the first commercial wind farm in the United States. 
  • Once booked, an email confirmation is sent to you along with a map, QR Code with the recording. A map with the QR code is also available at check-in. 
  • The tour starts with a display yard of non-operating wind turbines of successes and failures, along with a stop to a real generating wind turbine where you can get up close and take pictures. The tour ends with a stop at the Indigo Power Plant and retired wind farm. There you can exit on 19th Avenue to Indian Canyon Road more knowledgeable about renewable energy! The tour takes approximately one hour and depends on your pace. 
  • We ask that you respect others by not gathering at the marked destinations. Please allow cars ahead of you to finish their exploration before your turn. 
  • The tour takes approximately 1 hour depending on your pace.
  • If you park your car at our tour headquarters and continue your bikes off our property at your own discretion, please know we lock the gates after our last tour at 2:00pm.